Questrade in Red Deer, Alberta - Requested transfer of US$ & got jerked around via miscommunication until I got back from vacation

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Customer service

After I had requested the transfer of the US funds from my margin acct I received an e-mail that requested me to confirm that the account I wanted the money to be transferred to was a US$ account. After the confirmation was sent & accepted they rejected the transfer because I had not supplied them with a copy of a cheque.

This was done the day that I expected to receive the money & had left on vacation. I had left me cell # on the e-mail with a note to call if there was a problem. Nobody could pick up the phone. Also I was informed later when I got back from vacation (still no transfer completed) that they would expedite the transfer.

After stating that it would be expedited it took them their maximum 5 days to complete the transfer and for me to get MY MONEY. Total wait time to get MY MONEY - 4 WEEKS.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $280.

Preferred solution: I would just like to have my $32 refunded that I transfered to my margin acct from a corp acct..

Questrade is broken


Questrade is an online broker and they are executing trades on accounts and not accepting blame for major internal issues they are having. They fend off any calls telling you a supervisor is not available for you to deal with.

The client desk does do a good job telling you that you need to submit your request via email and wait. This is not acceptable dealing with today's market conditions, and extreme delay in response time.

There are many other brokers that you could deal with that are 100% professional and don't have SERIOUS software problems that make internal ROGUE trades on your account. Beware if you are a customer and look elsewhere if you are looking for an online broker.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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